A Denver, Colorado-based boutique land services firm committed to delivering industry-leading service and expertise to our clients.

Our team of highly-trained and experienced land professionals and attorneys have the knowledge and skills to handle your project in a timely, cost-effective manner. We partner with companies of all sizes on energy and infrastructure projects throughout the nation.

Who We Are

As a boutique land services firm, NSE’s primary goal is to provide the highest level of service and professionalism to our clients, as evidenced by our work product. To consistently meet that goal, we staff our projects with the most qualified landmen in the industry. Our team consists of experienced and well-versed field landmen, attorneys, and former in-house landmen, representing a collective wealth of knowledge and experience sufficient to manage any project.

We are devoted to our clients’ needs and we recognize that those needs and directives can and do change frequently. As such, we are available to our clients at all times, redirecting resources and staffing as needed in real time. Our client-focused and responsiveness-driven approach has served our clients well, enabling us to provide efficiently-produced deliverables on a consistent basis.

As a result, we often have long-standing relationships with our clients, marked by mutual trust and respect. We aim to be our clients’ broker of choice, handling their most complex and sensitive projects

What We Do

Project Management

Project Management is at the core of what we do, and we have a stable of experienced project managers who deliver consistent results. Hallmarks of our project management work include scalability, efficient staffing, attention to detail, subject matter expertise, clear communication, and responsiveness. We manage projects of all degrees of complexity and duration.

Mineral & Surface Acquisition

We have purchased minerals and acquired surface locations on behalf of our clients in all major oil and gas basins and plays. In connection with our mineral and surface acquisition work, we provide comprehensive valuation, offer tracking, negotiation, document preparation, and execution services.

Due Diligence

We have performed due diligence services in connection with acquisitions and divestitures on behalf of buyers, sellers, and private equity sponsors. We have a number of landmen who specialize in this area, which enables us to quickly staff and right-size teams for DD projects of any size and duration. Through our work in this area, we have developed proprietary master DD spreadsheet templates and defect notices which assist us in clearly identifying, presenting, and/or responding to defects.

GIS Mapping

We offer comprehensive GIS Mapping services which are included as a component of most of our larger, full-scale projects. Our GIS specialists have significant experience in this area, with access to shapefiles and the latest software to ensure that maps can be prepared and modified in accordance with our client’s wishes.

Title Examination

Title examination should be the backbone of any elite land brokerage firm, and that is certainly the case for NSE. We have a number of experienced and highly-skilled landmen who are adept at full HBP title examination in the most complex title environments. As a result, our title work is revered by our clients and is often used to correct previous title work by other brokers and/or title opinions. We know the title, legal, and interpretational nuances of each basin/play in which we actively work and we ensure that our collective knowledge is uniformly applied in all ownership reports we prepare.


We have significant experience preparing abstracts that are ultimately utilized for the rendering of title opinions. Our abstracting landmen follow a rigid and comprehensive process to ensure that all relevant instruments are identified and included in each abstract. To ensure cost-effectiveness and ease of use, our abstracts feature hyperlinks to the referenced documents and we utilize servers with document repositories to avoid the time and expense of acquiring copies of commonly used documents, such as assignments. Our template system is fully compatible and vertically integrated, such that an interest verification report or ownership report can be easily and quickly converted into an abstract if the client requests.


We have staked out a reputation as curative specialists and we are highly regarded in this area. Through our years of curative work, we have developed comprehensive and novel curative reporting templates, together with a bank of curative instrument templates for every conceivable title cloud or defect. Our clients rely on our advice regarding resolving curative issues, and we have successfully removed millions of dollars of revenue from suspense. We have a large team of experienced curative landmen who can handle any curative project, regardless of scale or complexity.

Federal + State

In the course of our work, we have developed significant experience and expertise in dealing with federal and state regulatory bodies, including the BLM, BIA, and numerous agencies that handle the leasing and development of state-owned lands. Because of that experience, we are particularly well-suited to working in basins/plays with extensive federal and state mineral ownership.


We have a number of land agents who specialize in leasing and renewals, spanning all of the major oil and gas basins and plays in the United States. In addition, we have developed proprietary lease tracking spreadsheets and systems that allow clients to see the status of lease negotiations and lease offer exposure in real-time. Consequently, we can staff and handle leasing projects of all sizes, scales, and levels of complexity.


As part of the full-service land services we provide, we have significant experience assisting in regulatory and compliance matters with governmental agencies and organizations. That work includes, but is not limited to, unit formation, notice lists, permit applications, pooling applications, and testimony.

Right of Way

As an important component of our land work, we can provide right-of-way title analysis, negotiation, and acquisition services for our clients. This work has applications both within and outside of traditional oil and gas.

Renewable Energy

As new forms of renewable energy have been developed and come to market, we have followed suit by assisting producers and marketers in the renewable space with all land-related elements of their work. That work includes, but is not limited to, negotiating leases, acquiring surface tracts, ROW acquisition, DD services, and title research and analysis.


Due to the overlap in skill sets and disciplines, we have the capability to assist in large-scale infrastructure projects that have land research, ownership, negotiation, and acquisition components. Together with our renewable energy work, this has been a successful outgrowth of our historical focus in the oil and gas space.

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Where We Are

Our team has worked in the major oil and gas basins and plays throughout the United States, with significant experience and emphasis in the mountain west. Wherever your project, and under whatever the circumstances, we can help you craft the necessary relationships and structures to ensure that your projects are successfully and timely completed.

States colored blue are the states we work.


Our company is always looking for talented and dedicated individuals to add to our team. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide a stimulating and welcoming work environment in which all team members feel valued. We pay competitive day rates based upon experience and performance. If you are interested in contracting with our company, please send us an email with your attached resume and a brief description of why you feel qualified for the position.

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